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Hello All!

Thanks again for visiting our website at Madison Avenue OBGYN. Over the years I have been asked many questions about pregnancy from time of conception to the years after the birth. Questions from “what type of foods can I eat” to “what is the safest car seat for my newborn?” Any and all questions are important since they have to do with the well being of you and your unborn child.

After much investigation and suggestions from others, I came across a wonderful website called “The Bump”. I would encourage you to visit the site, as it has many interesting and informative questions and answers, as well as gift ideas and other necessities for the new mom and baby.

Please visit: and hopefully the wonderful site will provide your many answers as well as some great coupons and ideas for welcoming your newborn…

Madison Avenue Ob-gyn is so happy you are having your baby with us and we want to be here every step of the way in any way we can.

Kindest Regards, Dr. Matt and the staff of Madison Avenue Ob-gyn

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